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Government sector

  •  Ma'atz public works authority - the national roads and infrastructures company
  • Ministry of Construction and Housing
  • Israel Lands Authority
  • ministry of agriculture & rural development
  • etc.


Public sector

  • Authority for economic development in Tel Aviv
  • Local planning and construction committee, Eastern Galilee
  • Beit She'an municipality
  • Beersheba municipality
  • Petah Tikva municipality
  • Kibbutz Shefayim
  • Kibbutz Gesher
  • Kfar Tavor local council
  • Shikmim local committee
  • etc.


Private sector

  • Supersol - countrywide chain of supermarkets
  • Amisragas - natural gas company
  • Rimon Ltd. - a member of the Gaon Agro and Granot group
  • med-1
  • Elah - an association that collects beverage containers
  • Tzifkha International Ltd.
  • Regev Agricultural Company Ltd.
  • Kal Binyan - an enterpreneurial contractor company
  • etc.


Business sector - international

  • I.C.S.I.


Private sector

  • Hundreds of private clients
  • Entrepreneurs and businesspeople


בין לקוחותינו מיקי אדלשטיין שמאי מקרקעין

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