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Agriculture assessment

Agricultural assessment

One of our company's central areas of expertise is the conducting of overall, comprehensive agricultural assessments that are conducted in conjunction with land assessment in all its various categories. Our company's team of experts - including a land assessor, an agricultural assessor, agronomists, economists, civil engineers, construction engineers and certified surveyors - carry out agricultural assessments for agricultural companies, public and government companies, insurance companies, businesspeople in the agricultural field, private farmers and the owners of agricultural lands.


Value assessments

A major field in our agricultural assessments is the conducting of property value assessments. Our company's team of assessors will carry out for you value assessments, which include gathering  comprehensive information on the property and its surroundings and checking the property's characteristics. The value assessments are conducted for all categories of properties, including lots, small and large fields, farms, plantations, buildings, farm buildings, agricultural lands, etc. The value assessment is written up in an assessment report compiled by an agricultural assessor.


Agricultural assessor's expert opinion

Agriculture assessors are authorized and certified to provide all categories of professional assessment reports, including land assessor's reports that constitute expert testimony in a court of law. We carry out land assessments for the assessment of the value of a property, for a variety of needs and situations: the division of  property rights, depreciation, the possibility of a future investment, the sale of real estate property, leasing and renting properties, a need for knowing the market value of a property, the liquidation of a partnership, the appointment of an official receiver, inheritances, eviction fines, suitable charges for use of a property, key money, etc.


Areas of expertise in land taxation

Land taxation plays a major role in every field of land assessment and real estate in Israel. Our company's land assessors are experts in land taxation and we see to it that they are continually kept up-to-date on laws and regulations in the field of land taxation.


Our company's land assessors handle, and assist in, every topic of land taxation that directly affects you, including property improvement tax, purchase tax, municipal taxes, agreement money, key money, expropriations, construction fees, development bonds and fines, tax planning, etc.


Processing of and consultation on damage claims due to depreciation

Our company has vast experience in the accompaniment of damage claims that are made in accordance with section 197 of the Israeli law regarding planning and construction and which are filed against various authorities because of the depreciation of a property following the approval of a municipal construction plan. Our company's team of experts provide comprehensive services such as the accompaniment of claims filed by owners whose properties have been depreciated, conducting of projected estimates of depreciation, submission of professional statements of opinion about depreciation, representation of clients vis-a-vis the authorities, accompaniment of debates and proceedings of the various relevant committees, etc.


Expropriation of lands

Our company is a leader in dealing with land expropriations in Israel and has acquired vast experience in the provision of consultation services on expropriations to large-scale projects. Our company's team of experts consults and accompanies many projects that demand the expropriation of municipal and agricultural lands, conducts negotiations with the relevant agencies and officials, carries out compensation assessments, compiles expert assessor's opinions, accompanies discussions in the various committees, etc.


Support and representation vis-a-vis the Israel Lands Administration

Our company's team of experts support the owners of agricultural and municipal lands and represent them vis-a-vis the Israel Lands Administration. As part of the services our company offers in this field, we handle such matters as leasing fees, permit fees, capitalization fees, agreement fees, conducting of counter-assessments, land zoning changes, construction additions, accompaniment of tenders, value assessments, etc.


Agricultural assessment services

We can offer you additional land assessment services, such as  accompaniment of the preparation of urban construction plans (UCPs) and  detailed designated-area construction plans from the initial stages of preparing the plans, accompaniment and monitoring of economic programs, accompaniment of discussions in the various committees (local and district) with particular emphasis on economic and assessment points) In addition, we provide consultation and accompaniment services in the sale of lands, conduct checks and  comparisons from the planning and economic standpoints, and provide consultation and support services in the field of taxation.


Our company's team of experts, the wide range of areas of expertise and the vast amount of knowledge and experience we have accumulated in the field of land and agriculture assessment together, create a winning combination that enables us to supply optimal solutions for all your assessment needs, and to offer you better more reliable quality service. The road to a solution begins when you contact us.


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