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Miki Edelstein Land and Agricultural Assessments and Economic Counseling Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is a leader in land assessment in Israel. The company began as an office in a private residence. Over the years, it has developed and grown under Miki Edelstein, who is an expert land assessor. Over the past decade, the company has provided land assessment services to hundreds of clients in the public, business and private sectors. It is committed to finding and adapting optimal solutions to the needs of each client.


Company staff members

The company is headed by its founder, Miki Edelstein, who also serves as its executive director. Miki Edelstein is an economist and a land assessor (license no. 434) and has vast experience in real estate, construction and infrastructures.


The company employs a team of leading experts, which includes a land assessor, an agricultural assessor, economists, civil engineers, a construction engineer, surveyors, an agronomist, and administrative workers. The company encourages its staff members to participate in professional conferences and training programs and sees to it that they are continually updated on new standards and legislation relevant to the field of land assessment and on developments in the sphere of real estate.


Over the years, the company has built up a network of professional ties with various experts in such areas as construction, landscape architecture, environmental protection, telecommunications, infrastructures, etc.


Service charter

Miki Edelstein Land and Agricultural Assessments and Economic Counseling Ltd. considers reliable, efficient service a priority value and thus a company service charter has been drawn up. In accordance with their sincere commitment to providing quality service and to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, all the staff members of our company are committed and adhere to the values of the company's service charter, which is the guideline for all our operations.


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The company's certifications

Miki Edelstein Land and Agricultural Assessments and Economic Counseling Ltd. is certified and is professionally recognized by central organizations and institutions in Israel. The company is recognized by the Council of Land Assessors in the Ministry of Justice, and is a member of the Bureau of Land Assessors and a member of the Academy for Research and Applied Studies in Land Assessment in Israel. It is part of the pool of experts qualified to appear in law courts in Israel, part of the pool of expert consultants serving the Ministry of Agriculture and part of the Ministry of Construction and Housing's pool of experts.


The company is certified by ISO 9001:2000, an international standard that includes the system of procedures and work assumptions required to ensure the effectiveness of an organization's quality management system. All work processes in our company conform to the regulations and parameters of the world ISO standard, with particular emphasis placed on continual improvement and on our efforts to provide all clients with optimal satisfaction.


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Areas of expertise

The company offers a broad, unique package of services in land assessment, agricultural assessment and real estate economy. The company's three principal areas of expertise create a winning combination that enables it to offer comprehensive professional services and to provide all clients with an optimal solution to their needs. The company offers services in the following areas:


Land assessment - The company's chief area of specialization is the provision of comprehensive, integrated services in land assessment in Israel. The company can provide its clients with services such as consultation and support in land taxation matters; professional assessment reports (including professional land assessor reports to courts of law); assessment of property value; thorough property examinations before/after purchase; continual support of purchase deals from the assessment, engineering and economic perspectives; consultation and support in the submission of damage claims intended to lower property value in accordance with section 197 of Israel's law governing planning and construction; processing of counterclaims to proposed plans; representation vis-a-vis the Israel Lands Administration; consultation on expropriation matters; etc.


Agricultural assessment - The company provides integrated agricultural assessment services, employing an outstanding team of experts that has vast experience in agricultural assessment. Our company's team of experts, which includes agricultural assessors, a land assessor, agronomists and economists, provides the company's clients with such services as assessment of agricultural property (including fields and lots), consultation and support in land taxation (levies and fees), support and representation vis-a-vis the Israel Lands Administration, support in deals involving the leasing of agricultural land from the ILA, consultation on the expropriation of fields and lots, submission of counterclaims to proposed plans, consultation on requests for land zoning changes, etc.


Real estate economy - Real estate economy is a complex area that demands a high level of expertise and skill in a range of professional spheres. The company has acquired vast experience in real estate economy in Israel and has supported many projects from the economic and assessment perspectives. The real estate economy services that the company offers its clients include, for example, support in deals and projects, preparation of economic consultation plans for investment in real estate projects and in properties in Israel, conducting of economic feasibility tests for projects and investments in Israel, examination of economic possibilities for property improvement, production of reports, economic analyses and estimates for existing and future real estate properties, etc.


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Work processes

The company's work processes are based on professional values, reliability and precision. They are constantly being improved, and the company's chief guideline is to provide optimal solutions to the needs of all our clients. In light of the above and in light of the company's vast experience in the provision of services to hundreds of clients, unique work procedures have been developed; they enhance the company's ability to meet its clients' demands and to operate in the most professional and effective manner possible in order to serve their needs.


The work processes include (in the initial stage) a profound understanding of the client's needs and desires; subsequent use of unique techniques for gathering information on specific data and on professional characteristics; frequent visits to the site; conducting of thorough land assessment, economic and engineering tests; detailed analyses and processing of findings that have been gathered and tested; production of an expert land assessor's report; and, in the final stage, whatever actions are needed to provide clients with an optimal solution for their needs.

The work processes are conducted by experts who are leaders in their field. The conducting of the work processes is thoroughly transparent and is adjusted in order to meet the specific needs of our clients to their utmost satisfaction.


Our company's team of skilled professionals in various fields, the vast knowledge and experience that the company has gained and the unique work processes that serve as a guideline for the company's activities together enable all our clients to receive a better solution and to benefit from a quality solution suited to their needs.


We invite you to benefit from the unique combination of services our company offers and to receive the perfect solution for your needs in the field of real estate in general and in the field of land assessment in particular. Our company's team of experts is at your service to provide you with personalized, custom-tailored services.


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