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Service charter

Service charter


Miki Edelstein Land and Agricultural Assessments and Economic Counseling Ltd. is proud to present its Service Charter, which provides us with guidelines for our various activities.

All our employees are committed to supplying efficient, quality services and their actions are in strict conformity with the values of our Service Charter, which expresses our commitment to excellence and uncompromising professionalism in order to achieve maximum client satisfaction.


We consider quality and efficient service a supreme value and that is why we make this pledge:

  1. Every call to our company will be answered quickly, courteously and efficiently.
  2. All our responses to our clients will express trust and a spirit of fairness and reliability.
  3. All our clients will be treated personally and will benefit from our concerted efforts to understand their needs and desires.
  4. We will do everything possible to serve the interests of our clients and to attain optimal client satisfaction.
  5. We will transmit information that is professional, reliable and complete, with special emphasis on total trust.
  6. We will act with transparency and integrity vis-a-vis our clients and our business partners.
  7. Our work will be professional and comprehensive, and we will use all of the resources at the company's disposal.
  8. We will operate in strict conformity with the rules of our profession and with the principles of professional ethics.
  9. We will maintain total loyalty to our clients and their needs.
  10. We will act with total discretion and with total confidentiality.
  11. We will aspire to continually upgrade our work processes and the quality of our product.


 Therefore, all of the company's activities are carried out in strict compliance with the principles of the international standard for the management of an efficient quality control system, ISO 9001:2000. In addition, so that we can continue to provide professional, quality service to all our clients, our company regularly initiates quality control operations and conducts client satisfaction surveys.


As part of our service system, we place all possible channels of communication at our client's disposal: telephone, fax, email, mobile phone, letter box, Internet site and our company's offices.

We will be happy to serve you at any time.



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