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project planning and management

M.E.N.G. Project Planning and Management Ltd.


M.E.N.G. Project Planning and Management Ltd. was founded in 1998 and specializes in the planning and management of real estate and infrastructural projects in the business, public and institutional sectors. It provides comprehensive services to entrepreneurs and companies as well as to private clients.


The company was created by Miki Edelstein as a partnership; however, after a while, Miki acquired exclusive ownership of the company. Today, he serves as its CEO.


Miki Edelstein is a graduate of Bar Ilan University in the fields of economics and business administration, and a graduate of the Technion in the fields of land assessment and property management. He has vast experience in real estate, construction and infrastructures.


The company's profile

M.E.N.G. Project Planning and Management Ltd. operates and is a leading player in a number of projects in the field of infrastructures in particular. It is active in every stage: identification of the appropriate site, management of negotiations for the drawing up of an agreement, surveying, mapping, planning and licensing, management and supervision of implementation and the initial operational stage.


The company has vast and varied experience and places particular emphasis on professionalism and uncompromising quality in results as well as on maximum flexibility in the adjustment of solutions for, and in the provision of rapid, effective responses to, every demand. The company provides integrated, comprehensive solutions in accordance with the unique desires and needs of each client.


In light of our vast experience in projects in Israel (complex, decentralized and high-performance projects), we attach great importance to the component of controlling a project and concentrating activities in the hands of a single player. Our company serves as an integrator among various players and various subcontractors. In addition, the company's management is responsible for the planning and performance of specific tasks and for the provision of information needed by the relevant personnel and decision-makers serving the client.


Work method

We place great emphasis on performance quality and that is why for every project we undertake all measures required in the work procedures and we use information systems supported by constant, thorough quality control.


The principal activities undertaken by the company in this field are:


  1. The construction of a work plan that will examine performance during ongoing operations
  2. Design of work processes and the construction of work procedures
  3. Definition of activity indices and required standards
  4. Creation of a performance monitoring and quality system
  5. Carrying out of field visits at a frequency determined by the needs and performance in the field



For the conducting of the project, we employ quality, skilled and experienced personnel who ensure a high level of performance quality and compliance with the project's goals, with the timetable and with the predetermined budget framework.


As part of our work, we provide comprehensive, individualized training to our personnel on the topics relevant to the project, on work processes, on quality emphases and demands and on the project's timetable.


The project's organizational structure

The company's management allocates an organic team to work with sub-units and various performance suppliers/contractors.

We focus on planning, implementation and control, with maximum decentralization of performance processes. This arrangement allows us to implement the project through the company's workers and through contractors and suppliers specializing in this particular field.


The combination of professional training and vast experience provides us with a wide range of capabilities in the provision of high-quality professional services that reflect our commitment to control and quality.


In addition, we are in contact with external experts and we request their help when the need arises and in accordance with the nature of the project. Our pool of experts have expertise in various areas such as, for instance, engineering infrastructural projects for water, sewage and energy systems; steel and iron construction work; surveys and risk assessment in the field of environmental quality and hazardous substances; etc.


The combination of knowledge and experience that we have accumulated in real estate in general and in our unique areas of expertise in particular enables us to offer professional and comprehensive services to our clients and to manage any project requiring a wide range of skills and expert knowledge.


We invite you to benefit from the unique combined expertise of two companies under one roof that can supply a comprehensive, integrated solution to your needs.


M.E.N.G. Project Planning and Management Ltd., which operates a team of experts in the field of project planning and management, manages and spearheads a number of projects in the field of infrastructures in general and the field of telecommunications in particular. The company's involvement in project planning and management includes all stages, from the first stage of locating the suitable site, to the subsequent stages of conducting negotiations prior to the signing of a contract, surveying, mapping, planning, licensing, management and supervision of implementation and installation. Our company continually feeds the client's system of information and professional contact personnel in order to attain complete transparency regarding information and the various stages of implementation in the different processes. The particular definition of the processes of information flow is specifically designed to provide clients with a single address from which they can obtain responses, to enable maximum availability of information and to create a general, integrated overview of the processes involved.


The project team

Our company assigns to each project a team of seasoned experts, which includes the following team members:

Project manager - The project manager, who is responsible for the project's installation and ongoing operation and for reporting to the client, receives the client's demands and guidelines, coordinates activities in order to meet operational goals, in accordance with the client's instructions and demands. In addition, the project manager continually reports to the client's representative on the project's progress and on the status of its implementation.


Professional contact personnel

Our company assigns professional contact personnel in accordance with the client's needs and demands. The contact personnel coordinate contacts with implementational agencies and contractors as well as with the field. They are directly and fully involved in the project; are responsible for the activation of the contractors/suppliers; and supervise and monitor the implementation of the different tasks, the level of implementation, the quality of task completion, and compliance with timetables and the established budget framework.


Control, coordination and documentation - These functions are an important link in the chain of command and coordination regarding the work in the field and compliance with timetables and with the budget framework. The persons responsible for these functions coordinate and disseminate the necessary documentation, authorizations and project reports.


The company's activities

M.E.N.G. Project Planning and Management Ltd. specializes in the field of project planning and management in Israel. Because of its involvement and activities in its various projects, the company is responsible for the following areas:


  1. Accompaniment of the project from the stage of the economic-planning-engineering feasibility checking
  2. Identification of the optimal site for the project from the various relevant perspectives; conducting of negotiations for purchase/rental, etc.
  3. Management and coordination of planning and processing for obtaining the necessary authorizations for the project
  4. Preparation and management of tenders; analysis and comparison of bids in order to reach a decision as to the contractor who will implement the project
  5. Issuing of work initiation orders in accordance with the project's planning; management and supervision to ensure compliance with timetables and with the frameworks of cost and quality, as determined by the entrepreneur
  6. Checking of the receipt and management of the direction of testimonial plans


Additional areas of the company's responsibility derived from its project planning and management activities include the following:


  1. Location - Location of the appropriate site/property, identification of the property, investigation of ownership, conducting of negotiations for purchase/rental/passage fees, coordination and accompaniment of engineering tours, gathering of plans, compiling of information reports, assessment of licensing possibilities, assessment of project's impact, etc.
  2. Surveying and planning - Surveying for the purpose of preparing plans in order to obtain the necessary authorizations and permits, processing of permits, obtaining of the authorization of the various relevant agencies for the submission plans, preparation of a submission kit and its presentation to the Planning and Construction Committee, etc.
  3. Promotion and accompaniment of discussions in the local planning and construction committee, implementation of changes and supplements to the request file
  4. Dealing with construction fees, construction permits and levies.
  5. Management, coordination and supervision of the installation/construction - Management of the necessary coordinations for the initiation of implementation, supervision and control of the implementation, verification and authorization of invoices from contractors, receipt of the site.


The involvement of M.E.N.G. in the various projects it plans and manages is expressed through the company's team of experts in various fields.. The team implements unique work processes that are suited to each particular stage of the project. The work processes are carried out in accordance with the procedures and parameters that have been designated by the international ISO 9001:2000 and which ensure continual quality control regarding the company's activities and enable the company to operate at a maximum level of professionalism and efficiency in each project.


The vast amount of knowledge and experience we have accumulated in the planning, management and coordination of projects in general and in our own areas of expertise in particular enables us to manage any project that requires areas of expertise in a wide range of fields and for which there is a need for comprehensive, integrated solutions for each client. The road to a solution begins when you contact us.


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