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Areas of expertise – real estate economy

Real estate economy


One of our company's areas of expertise in the real estate field in Israel is the provision of economic-real estate services to the public sector, the business sector, local authorities, municipalities, moshavim and kibbutzim, businesspeople and entrepreneurs.


Our company employs a team of experts that includes economists, civil engineers, certified surveyors, construction engineers, a land assessor, an agricultural assessor and agronomists. Our team of experts conducts comprehensive checks that merge knowledge from the fields of economics, assessment and engineering, and we carry out these checks for existing and future projects and for properties before, during and after construction work.


We also provide consultation and economic feasibility services for investments in the Israeli real estate market and we conduct comprehensive economic and assessment checks for all future investments.


The conducting of professional economic checks and economic feasibility checks for both projects and properties demands a high level of expertise in various fields, a vast body of knowledge in the fields of economics and real estate, familiarity with and a profound understanding of the situation of the local market in general and the Israeli real estate market in particular.


Moreover, one has to be able to correctly read the fluctuations in the real estate market, to properly assess property changes in a given region, to learn the level of supply and demand in a given region, to study the level of possible yield, etc.


The services we offer you in the field of real estate economy include the following:


  1. Accompaniment of real estate deals and promotion of projects
  2. Preparation of an economic consultation program for real estate projects and property owners
  3. Economic consultation for investments in real estate in Israel
  4. Economic feasibility checks of projects in Israel
  5. Checking the possibility of realizing projects
  6. Economic feasibility checks for property improvement
  7. Value assessment for properties, buildings, fields, etc.
  8. Processing, accompaniment, consultation and planning in the field of land taxation
  9. Etc.


As part of the economic checks we conduct, we examine the current planning situation, land zoning, and property rights and permits. We also deal with matters involving land taxation, including property improvement tax; accompany and deal with assessment-economic matters vis-a-vis the relevant authorities; etc.


Our company's team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have, to accompany and advise you on all real estate economy matters. Thanks to the vast amount of knowledge and experience we have accumulated, we can provide optimal solutions to all your real estate economy needs. The road to a solution begins when you contact us.


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